Your content planning checklist

Like most people, I'm sure mapping out you content isn't on the top of your favorite activities list.

I get it. It's literally the equivalent of folding a fitted sheet in the social media marketing world. 

But I promise, it doesn't have to feel that way! Planning your content doesn't have to be a dreaded chore. 

All you need is a clear understanding of your brand and guidance. 

Below you'll find a content planning checklist and easy-to-implement content organization strategy to help you show up for your company online: 

1. Nail down your brand's three-five content pillars
2. Figure out how many times per week you have the capacity to post. 
3. Look at your insights and figure out which day & time YOUR audience is most active. 
4. Fill in each day with a content pillar, making sure to pepper in different types of posts like Reels, LIVEs, Background posts, Video.
5. Keep notes on your phone or via google doc with post ideas as they come to you and label them with the content pillar that matches. Or schedule a brain dump for yourself and just plug away at ideas you've had in your head for a while. 
6. Pull out those ideas out when it's time to schedule or post!

Still not clear on what your content pillars should consist of? It's kind of our thing. At ESV Creative, we'd be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction with a 90-minute Social Media Intensive or a Social Media Audit. 

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