4 easy ways to improve your Instagram game

Whether you're just now starting out on Instagram and need a little guidance or you've been on it for a little while, it's always great to have a checklist of tasks that maximize your posts for ultimate engagement and exposure.

Instagram is still the jam and only growing with over 1 billion active users. That's insane, right? Like Facebook, it is here to stay folks. So, let's make sure you're getting more bang for your buck when you take the time to market your brand. 

Here are 4 simple ways to improve your Instagram presence today: 

#Hashtags, y’all.  If you are on Instagram, hashtags should be one of your BFFs. For posts, you’re allowed 30, for stories 10. Not sure which ones to use? That’s where we come in. Our ESV Insiders have full access to our hashtag vault filled with over 50 categories of hashtags proven to perform. For non-members, we offer a “30 niche hashtags for your industry” service on our website. Once you have them, use them! Every post, every time. Max those babies out. 

Show up in Stories. There are over 500 million active users on stories every. single. day. Because Instagram's newsfeed is no longer chronological, showing up on stories is more important than ever. This is how you will be sure to be seen most often. So, why not take advantage of this very important real estate.

Pro-Tip: The Stories sweet spot is posting 3-7 stories a day. 

Pro Pro-Tip: If you can, try to start your stories with a video or photo of you. Social media is about connection so let your audience get to know the face behind the brand. 

Remember, We are Visual Creatures. It's not about quantity. It's about quality. Focus on standout visuals for your post, something that will help stop the scroll. Facebook produced a quick video recently with tips on how to improve your Instagram visuals. But, if you need something a little more in-depth, we have a mini-course that will give you the tips you need to create beautiful visuals for your feed. You don't have to be a pro to look like one. 

Let's get Reel(s). Never underestimate the power of a new feature. Despite TikTok's rising popularity, Instagram Reels is holding its own and helping accounts reach a broader audience than they might not otherwise reach. Need a little help with ideas, we have 15 FREE Reels ideas you can download right now. Don't be afraid to dip your toes in and try it out. There's always a "save as draft" option. 

Just remember: whatever you do on Instagram, make sure you're having fun with it. The posts, stories, Reels, you enjoy making are usually the ones your audience loves the most.