Oh, Snap!: How to Master a Social Media Photoshoot

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People online are screaming for authenticity. In fact, original brand photos generally garner 50% more engagement than any stock photo you can find online.

And when everyone has a DSLR in their pocket (aka a smartphone), it’s time to leave the excuses at the door.

We know what you’re thinking: Where in the world do I even start? 

Eliza McElhaney, ESV Creative Founder & CEO, Sarah Estrada, stylist extraordinaire and the woman behind StyledxSarah, and Lillian Reitz, the wildly talented owner of Lillian Jean Photography, give you the ins and outs of mastering social media photoshoots so you can point and click with confidence.

During this mini-course you will learn:

  • How to prep and plan for a branding shoot
  • Tips for composing the perfect picture
  • How to take professional looking product photos on a dime
  • What type of photos you should aim to take
  • How to snap solo (video tutorial from Lillian Jean included)
  • Styling techniques and tricks of the trade

    Upon purchase, you will receive your mini-course video, slide deck and all of the swag you need to take your social media photos to the next level.