Top 3 hashtag fails on Instagram

Want more Instagram followers, comments, saves, and likes? Using hashtags is the best way to make it happen faster, but only if you have the right strategy behind your use.

Here are 3 top hashtag fails I consistently see on Instagram:

  1. Not taking advantage of your 30 max on posts and 10 max on stories. Posts with 11+ hashtags garner 61.5% more engagement than posts with none. Not sure which ones to use? That’s where we come in. Our ESV Insiders have full access to our hashtag vault filled with over 50 categories of hashtags proven to perform. For non-members, we offer a “30 niche hashtags for your industry” service on our website. Once you have them, use them! Every post, every time. Max those babies out. 
  2. Re-using the same hashtags on every post. Nooooooo....little honey! The hashtags you use should be relevant to the content you are posting. When you use the same hashtags over and over in every single post, this signals to Instagram's algorithm that you are spam and will, therefore, show your content to a smaller audience.
  3. Using hashtags that are oversaturated. The last thing you want is to get lost in a sea of posts. This is why niche hashtags are EVERYTHING. Using hashtags with less competition will give you a better opportunity to be seen. If you're doing the research on your own, we suggest using hashtags with less than 300,000 uses.