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The world of social media can feel like an endless maze of content and engagement. For small business owners, the importance of social media has never been greater -- but the countless guides and how-tos can be overwhelming. Our monthly social media mentoring subscription takes away all of the pressure and provides you with actionable, quality guidance that will help you build your social media confidence.

With the subscription, you unlock access to a wealth of resources and advice that will help build organic, quality engagement for your small business!

  • The Hashtag Vault: over 50 categories of proven, quality hashtags that will enhance your content and engagement!
  • Daily Content Prompts: Thoughtful daily prompts that take the pressure off and allow you to create content curated to your brand.
  • Google Calendar/iCal Social Media Holiday Calendar: Over 300 reasons to celebrate, immediately accessible, and ready to help you craft content!
  • Any & ALL Resource Products by ESV Creative: Unlock access to all of our worksheets, check-lists, and handouts to help guide you into more meaningful and engaging content.
  • Discounts: As a subscriber, you'll receive 20% off any additional social media services we provide.
  • Free Access to ESV Creative Zoom Courses. 
  • LIVE Q&A/One-on-One "Office Hours" meetings, designed to answer your questions and guide you through your social media journey.

With a subscription, you become a part of a vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives. Let us help you create the content that will take your business to the next level!