Social Media Facelift

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Looking to level up your social media platforms? Leave it to the experts.

Hand us the keys and we'll take your profiles from bleak to chic.

How it works: 

Once you purchase a social media facelift, we schedule a one-on-one phone call or Zoom to go over your current platform(s) - what you like, what you don’t like. Then, we request access or exchange login information for that particular platform (or platforms) and any branding items we need so we can start our facelift process.

The facelift entails my firm giving your platform(s):

  • a more professional look and feel that is brand cohesive
  • an in-depth look to make sure your company is utilizing all of the tools the platform has to offer and setting them up on your behalf (upon approval)
  • and a quick copyedit where needed to optimize your descriptions, biographies and about sections.