3 places you should be using your Pinterest keywords

I'll tell you where you can put those Pinterest keywords...

in the most loving, polite, and helpful way possible, of course. 😉

The majority of you voted in last week's story poll for some Pinterest action on my feed and I hear you, sisters.

When we think of Pinterest, we automatically think of recipes or DIY projects. What doesn't automatically come to mind is - if used to it's max potential - it can bring in max dollars for your business.

🔍 People are on the hunt for what you have to offer. So, make it easy to find you. 

How do you do that? By strategically placing those nifty keywords we talked about in one of my previous posts.


This is going to sound ridiculously simple, but these strategies are often overlooked.

🧷 Profile Description

🧷 Board Title & Description

🧷 Every. Single. Pin. Description.

Make every pin, board, and even our profile description count. Pinterest is a SEO engine.


Naturally integrate them into your sentences. Write the way you'd speak. 

I'll use on of my recent clients, a fabulous fashion blogger/influencer, as an example. 

Some keywords she may use, based on her target audience, might look like this: 

  • Wearable spring outfit ideas
  • casual summer fashion
  • date night looks
  • accessible style for everyday life
  • everyday casual outfit ideas
  • what to wear instead of ____

Here's an idea of what her profile could look like when keywords are peppered into descriptions: 

Profile Example:

___________ shares fashion for women over ____, stylish outfits for every day and special occasions, style inspiration and style tips.

Board Example: Spring & Summer Fashion

Wearable spring outfit ideas, casual summer fashion for women over -____, date night looks, and an accessible style for everyday life.

Pin Example: What to Wear Instead of Shorts

Every summer, I get a flood of questions when it comes to stylish outfit ideas that include shorts alternatives. I get it: shorts can often be a love/hate relationship. Here is what you should wear instead of shorts.

Now take this knowledge and run with it. Don't overwhelm yourself. Do a simple audit of your current profile and tackle one board or 3-5 pins at a time. 

Then start fresh moving forward and see your Pinterest insights get the boost they deserve.