Time to Dive into Stories

Get social, ladies. 👏🏻⁣

We may not be able to happy hour 🥂 or mingle with our girlfriends they way we used to right now, but we sure can show them some love online in the meantime. ⁣

💬 Spend 10 minutes engaging with Stories. ⁣

By engage I mean watch AND message it up, sister.⁣

Did you know Instagram decides your story order? Chances are you're missing a lot of people's content because they're at the very end. So - head there. ⁣

Start at the last story and work your way backward to check in with your peeps. No reason for you to be MIA in their DMs.⁣

This type of engagement helps boost YOU + THEM. Double win. 🎉⁣

Let's get this online party started! 🥳⁣