This or Thats: The long-forgotten, yet super effective call-to-action

This or That? That is the question.

In social media, engagement is the name of the game. But, how do you get people to engage? ⁣⁣

This is where a good call-to-action (CTA) within your caption comes in play. ⁣⁣

For most, their CTAs are regular go-tos: "like" "follow" "save this for later" "comment below if you ____"⁣⁣

But the real secret sauce is in the long forgotten, yet surprisingly effective "This or That" - a CTA almost everyone can relate to or has an opinion on. ⁣⁣
Here are a few ideas you can easily implement on your posts: ⁣⁣
☑️ Ring in the new year or go to sleep? ⁣⁣
☑️ Gingerbread or Sugar Cookie? ⁣⁣
☑️ Pumpkin or Sweet potato pie? ⁣⁣
☑️ White lights or multi-color? ⁣⁣
When you add a call-to-action that is relatable, it is more likely to prompt a comment from your audience - therefore helping to boost your engagement. ⁣⁣