The quickest way to create brand loyalty

The answer is simple: show your face. 

Social media is about connection. People want to know the person/people behind the brand.

In fact, posts with a face are more likely receive 38% more likes and 32% more likely to receive comments on Instagram.

It's true! You know why? Because it:

  • Humanizes your brand
  • Sparks conversation 
  • Builds trust

Showing your audience there's actually a person behind your accounts creates a loyal and engaged community that no stock photo or graphic can do.

So now that you know the why, let's talk about the how. Don't worry my fellow introverts. You don't have to mindlessly take uncomfortable selfies.

How to show your gorgeous face on social media

1. Get action by showing action: One of the best performers out there are behind-the-scenes shots. Give your audience a sneak peek into your world. 

2. Get on stories: You don't have to go LIVE, but at least give us a pre-recorded message once a week. Then continue to up the number of days as you get more comfortable in front of the camera. Don't know what to say? Jot down a few bullet points to feel prepared.

3. Get photoshoots into rotation: Quarterly photoshoots can do wonders for your brand, giving you plenty of content to pepper throughout your feed. These could be fun shots of you, you working, you interacting with others. The point is that YOU (and your team if you have one) are in these photos. Don't have the funds to hire a photographer? Your phone and a tripod are all you need...and a little direction from our "Oh Snap" course wouldn't hurt either.

4. Get on reels. Find inspiration by scrolling through other reels, save audio you like, and make a quick reel with it relating it to your industry.

Let your audience get to know you so they can learn to love you as much as we do!