The importance of IG Highlights and how to structure them

Your highlights shouldn't just be a spotlight of your favorite stories. They make a bigger impact than you think. 

When someone lands on your profile, you have 7 seconds to make your first impression. From first glance, your audience should be able to know who you are, who you serve, and what you have to offer so they can click follow with confidence. 

That is where highlights come into play in a big way. They are prime time real estate on your profile and an easy way to categorize what you'd most like to highlight about your cause, brand, or company.

Keep this in mind when you're mapping out what highlights should live on your profile. 

If you sell products, consider setting them up based on categories. 

If you sell services, consider adding those as highlights. 

Other highlights to consider: 

  • Testimonials and customer responses (because trust is compelling)
  • User-generated content from your fan base (to show community around your brand)
  • Before & Afters
  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Tips and Tricks (based on your industry)
  • FAQs
  • Major events you host annually (to generate buzz for the next one)

Ultimately, how you structure your highlights should be based on what you want your future or current audience to know about you, your products, or services right off the bat.