The 80/20 Rule

No one is comfortable with self-promotion. 😳⁣

It's literally taken me far more than a decade to be "okay" with it and still I find it hard to throw in a shameless plug. (mark your 🗓 for June 11: big product launch coming your way **cough cough**)⁣

Do you struggle with figuring out a comfortable balance of selling your services/products and non-pushy related posts? ⁣

I hear ya, sis! ⁣

Here's a general rule of thumb: 80/20. ⁣

80% of your content should be helpful. ⁣

Sharing valuable content grow's your audience's trust in your brand. They've come to get to know you as an expert in your field and therefore trust your recommendations for products/services. ⁣

Nothing is more valuable than earning someone's trust.⁣

20% should promote your brand and products/services. ⁣

The 80% is key to helping people click buy with confidence and makes the self-promotion pill a little easier to swallow. ⁣