Leading Ladies of Corpus Christi

Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection? Like...OMG...you are my people! ⁣

That is how I felt about @baemouttet from the first day I slid into her DMs. Oh, you know B. She's that amazing, hilarious, so down, salt of the earth #bossbabe that has bestowed the gift of the Leading Ladies of Corpus Christi podcast upon us. ⁣

Not gonna lie: she has me catching feelings. ⁣

Tonight, we recorded episode 94 of her podcast. I'm mean...I'm not gonna say it was epic but holy cow...it was epic. ⁣

If you don't already listen to her podcast, whaaatttt are you waiting for kween?! Get on it. She's featured some of the most powerhouse women in our area. ⁣

Who's someone you've met on social media that you had an instant "this is my tribe" feeling about? ⁣