How to make Instagram's DM sticker your hype man

Let's keep! 👏🏻⁣

You want a super boost? Become that social butterfly I know you can be, girlfriend! Instagram has given you the tools. All you need to do is flap those pretty little wings.⁣


1st: Once you've uploaded a photo or video to your stories, tap the sticker button. Then, choose that cute little DM Me option. Now, let the games begin. ⁣

Here are 5 ways you can use Instagram's direct message to take your tribe's relationship to the next level: ⁣

1️⃣ Create event buzz. Have an upcoming event? Use this as an opportunity to answer your tribe's questions or reiterate important details. ⁣

2️⃣ Personalize product recommendations: Take this as an opportunity to establish trust by offering a personalized product based on their private message to you. ⁣

3️⃣ Humanize your brand: You are not a robot (...are you?). People crave human interaction. Give the people what they're looking for and increase your brand loyalty at the same time. ⁣

4️⃣ Ask your tribe: Collect customer feedback to find out what your audience loves about your business, would like to see from your brand, or use it as a way to connect further.⁣

5️⃣ Share links: Looking to hire? Have a new blog post you'd like to share? Or something you'd like to drive traffic to? Encourage your audience to message you for more info. Sharing in this way makes self-promotion less salesy and more conversational. ⁣

{bonus tip: you can change the color of the DM Me sticker by tapping the color wheel at the top of the screen}⁣