How to get people to take action on your social media posts

If you want action on your content, you have to make the ask.
You should be using calls-to-action in:
  • your posts
  • your reels
  • your stories
  • your bio
A CALL-TO-ACTION is a keyword or phrase that let's your audience know what to do next. Without a clear CTA, your followers won't know the next steps to take. Sounds simple because it is.

When you want someone to READ your caption:
  • Read caption for more tips!
  • More ideas in caption!
  • Read caption to learn how!
When you want your followers to leave a COMMENT:
  • Tell me, has this happened to you?
  • Comment below if you agree!
  • Let me know in the comments, have you ever _____?
When you want your followers to LIKE or engage with an emoji:
  • Like if you agree!
  • Gimme a 💙 if you felt this in your soul.
  • Leave a 🙌🏻 if this is you!
When you want your followers to SHARE your Reel:
  • Share if you agree that _____.
  • Share if this is important to you!
  • Share with a friend who needs to see this!
When you want your followers to SAVE your post:
  • Save this post for later!
  • Save this for the next time you ________.
  • Make sure to save this Reel so you don't forget ______!
When you want to drive traffic to your LINK-IN-BIO:
  • Head to my link-in-bio to sign up for ___ now!
  • Head to my bio to get your freebie!
  • Get on the waitlist by clicking the link-in-bio!
Hopefully these help you kickstart your CTA journey!