How to cut through the noise

The easiest way to cut through the noise is....⁣


Throw the likes and the follows out the window. Give people content that is SAVE worthy. ⁣

Post with intention. ⁣

During the start of the pandemic, I advised my clients and many small businesses to pivot toward focusing on their customers...not the news. ⁣

That still holds true as we safely and slowly re-open the economy. ⁣

The businesses people remember the most are the ones that not only provide them with a fabulous service or product, but businesses that listen to their tribe and add value in some way to their every day lives. ⁣

What is your expertise? Pepper in some how-tos, tips, or advice you would have given yourself when you first started on your entrepreneurial journey. ⁣

Content that lifts others is meaningful. ⁣