How to create an Instagram carousel that performs

Round and round we go, where we'll stop, no one knows... 🎠⁣

Did you know carousels are the most engaging Instagram post format? ⁣

✎ {pro tip}: Carousels with 8 more slides perform better even better. Ooo lala! ⁣

This is because the more time people spend on your post, the more Instagram sees that your content adds value and is worth that little extra umpf in the algorithm. 💁🏻‍♀️⁣

How to Create a Carousel That Performs⁣

🎠 Slide 1: Headline⁣
🎠 Slide 2: Introduction⁣

🎠 Slides 3-7: Provide a solution for the problem⁣

🎠 Slides 8-9: Show results⁣

🎠 Slide 10: Make the ask (like, follow, comment, share - give people an action item)⁣

✎ {bonus tip}: Keep your carousel clear and clean. Adding a lot of information or images on one side is no bueno.⁣

Regardless of where you are on your Instagram journey, carousels are a great tool to add to your fabulously chic belt. ⁣