How to boost your Instagram in 30 minutes

You're ready for customers to find your amazing business on Instagram and engage, but... they're not clicking add to cart. Heck, they're hardly even engaging! 

You're not alone. With over 500 million + daily Instagram users, there are plenty of other things fighting for your ideal customer's attention - including their own IG management. 

Let's face it, unless you're churning out Reel after Reel: it's gotten a little harder to grow engagement on the 'gram. 

But not to worry, despite all of the chaos, there's still one core value when it comes to success on social platforms: being social, making meaningful, authentic connections. 

Ready to cultivate a community that shows up for you and genuinely interested in all you have to offer the world? 

All it takes is 30 minutes a day.

Try these three powerhouse engagement tactics to boost your Instagram:

10 minutes on hashtags: Choose 3-5 key hashtags that your ideal customer might be using and engage with 5 or more accounts from that list that truly peek your interest. Reply to their captions with genuine comments. 

10 minutes on stories: You know that glowing feeling you get when someone slides into your DMs from a story you posted? Give that feeling to someone else. People post stories hoping to receive a response. Take this time to leave heartfelt replies. 

10 minutes with your followers: Nurture your own garden. Spend 10 minutes checking in with your existing tribe by commenting on their posts. Share your encouragement, knowledge and support.