Become comfortable with being uncomfortable

We want to see you, my little honey!

If social media has taught me anything, it is you that nothing performs better on here than YOU.

Connection and brand loyalty are built on relationships. So, if being in front of the camera makes you uncomfortable. It's time to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Let your audience see your face, let loose, and let them into your world. You can do it! You are a boss filled with great insight, experience, and fun!

A phenomenal example of this is @tmwildflowers' reintroduction post from today. Did you see it? Wasn't it so heartfelt and perfect?

We have to remember: behind every double tap is a person looking to connect.

You don't have to be front and center all of the time, but here 4 ways to make sure you're making a personal connection:

1. The Reintroduction: Every month or two (or when you see a large influx of new followers) reintroduce yourself to your audience with a photo of you and some insight into who you are (non-work related facts).

2. IG and FB LIVE: Host LIVEs where you are personally in front of the camera and answering some of your most frequently asks questions.

3. IG and FB Stories: Mix in stories that are non-work related. They live on your feed for 24 hours, so why not give people a glimpse into who you are and what your life is like? We don't have to be all business all the time.

4. Lead with a Connection Point: When someone new follows your account, check out their profile. Is there something y'all connect on: dog lovers, knitting enthusiasts, reside in the same city, both juggling kids under 5? Find a connect point and lead with that when you message them a thank you for the follow.