5 ways to organically grow your Facebook Group

Facebook groups have become the end-all-be-all when it comes to the Facebook experience these days. 

Even Facebook themselves realizes the power they yield. Hence, why they've invested in building out more features in the past year for groups than they ever have before. 

Heck, when you scroll through your newsfeed these days, you'll mostly see content from the groups you're most engaged with - more so than posts from your actual friends and family. 

That's because at the heart of social media is a sense of community. 

So, how can you level up what you're doing within your group this year? Here are 5 ways to organically grow your Facebook Group. 

  1. Make sure your Facebook Group name includes keywords your ideal audience would search. This will boost your possible reach exponentially. 
  2. Post at least 2-3 times a day. Consistency is everything. Consistently show up for your community and they'll show up for you.
  3. Never look at vanity metrics. How many members you have doesn't matter if they aren't actually engaging with your content. 
  4. Update your Welcome Post with what your audience can expect and when -- especially if you host LIVEs or or trainings. 
  5. Use your entry questions to capture their email address and find out their struggles or interests. If you're a service-based business and have a freebie, this would be a great way to entice them to provide an email address, while promoting your expertise.