5 strategic content prompts that actually work

Writer's block is a struggle; but coming up with content that actually prompts engagement and 'add to cart' moments almost seems impossible. 

Do you ever feel like that? 

The resolution is to put strategy behind your words. I know, I know...doesn't seem easy. Well I'm here, dear reader, to help with examples. 

Here are five content prompts to help your social media become more strategic, intentional, and - in turn - profitable. 

1. Ask an irresistible question. Lord knows everyone and their mother has an opinion. Use that tidbit to your advantage by asking your audience for their opinion on a certain topic. Think of something that would provoke an easy opinion or answer and makes your audience curious to read other responses. (Note: Make sure your irresistible question pertains to a topic of interest for your target audience)

2. Talk about what you are really selling. People don't buy products, they buy solutions. Be intentional about verbalizing the problem your product or service resolves or the major benefit, not just the features. Not sure what that is just yet? Think: "Why would someone buy my product or service? What are they trying to achieve or experience?"

3. Teach your audience something valuable. What is something your audience cares about? What is something you could teach them or share with them that may hep them today or make their lives a little easier? It doesn't have to be anything complex or profound or directly tied to your product but it does need to be valuable to your target audience. Give your audience a reason to follow you outside of merely viewing your products. 

For example, if you own boutique with plenty of photos of your gorgeous dresses or outfits, consider making a quick Reel or video on how you styled the outfit you're modeling or make a reel on how to create that fun little side knot you add to your t-shirts. (I mean really? How do y'all do that? This girl wants to know)

4. Share social proof. Nothing is more compelling than trust. I'll say it till I'm blue in the face. It's why we constantly ask others for recommendations of where to get ____ or who's great at _____. People buy from brands that other people buy from. Post a testimonial from a customer/client, a before and after story, or even just profile one of your happy customers on your feed. The goal is to share their success and elevate them. In doing so, you're showing how desirable and credible your brand is. 

5. Reveal something authentic about yourself or your brand. In today's marketplace, people are looking for authenticity. They want to feel connected to the brands they follow. Letting them know you aren't a robot and there is an actual person behind your social feed makes your brand relatable and helps to build a strong brand loyalty. Be yourself--that's why they are following you!! 

Try implementing these ideas into your content and you'll see that posting with intention has some major benefits.