5 Reels ideas to get your creative juices flowing

Okay, so Reels has officially become more than just a fling.

But, after speaking with so many of y'all, I've noticed one common thread: You're afraid to dip your toe in the water and test it out on your own account or aren't sure of what to post.

That's where we come to the rescue.


1. Batch them, sis! Brain dump your ideas into a google doc then pick out a few outfit swaps and carve out part of ONE day to record. We'll be none the wiser and you'll have loads of content.

2. Hashtags, y'all. Treat this like your would any other post don't forget use your hashtags. You want to be that one reel at the top of the grid when people are poking around...and you can be!

3. Lead with the feed. Make sure you're always posting your Reels to your feed (and stories). Let's make sure your audience isn't missing out on your amazing content!

4. Currently trending. Want a little extra boost of exposure? Try using audio/music that is listed as popular or currently trending on Reels (this tip could also be applied to TikTok).

5. Vibe check. Make sure your cover photo/image vibes with your current post feed. Make that baby cohesive with your aesthetic so it fits seamlessly in your grid.

Most importantly, though: have fun with it. The posts that are the most fun for you in the moment, will be your most successful in regard to engagement.


1. Introduce your team (even if it's just you): It could be to nostalgic 90s sitcom intro music like we did here or a popular song playing up the fact that you're literally the CEO, COO, COF, packing and distribution, and marketing rep.

2. Behind the scenes of your job: I'll say it time and time again. Behind the scenes posts always garner engagement. People want a glimpse into your life. So, give it to them.

3. Before & After: I mean, who doesn't love a good transformation? Whether it's a house project, a social media facelift (wink, wink), a physical transformation, it's all about the glow up. Let the masses know: You're not fooling around. You are a PROfessional.

4. Most common mistakes: We all see them. The fail hashtag doesn't exist for no reason. Highlight 3 common mistakes you see over and over again in your industry and provide a resolution.

5. Top Apps/Tools: Give us all the hacks! What tools or apps make your life easier? We'd love to know. Share a few with a quick explanation of each and save the in-depth explanation for your caption.

Now, go out there and have fun! You can do it!