5 Instagram Reels ideas to grow your following

Reels are a great way to reach new audiences and grow your following.

Did you know the current average engagement for Instagram posts is less than 2 to 3%. Mind blown, right? That's because most users have become bored with seeing the same images over and over again on Instagram. 

They want something short, sweet, and entertaining. So, let's give the people what they want. 

Try these five Reels topics:

Introduce yourself: People are more likely to trust your brand when there is a face attached to it! Tell us about yourself and build that connection with your audience.

Talking Head Clip: No need for fancy transitions. Some of the highest performing Reels are ones where the main goal is to simply get your point across. Create a 15-second clip of you sharing a tip, add a little text, and viola! Reels magic has been made.

Business origin story: Why did you start your business? What inspires you to keep it going? What problems did you notice in your industry that your business can solve?

Product/Service demos: We need to know that what you’re selling works! Product or service demos are a great way to show what your stuff can do.

FAQ about a particular product/service: What’s your most popular product/service, and what are the most commonly asked questions about it?