5 easy steps to making Instagram's new algorithm your hype man

Let's gooooo!!

First thing's first: the main factor cracking the algorithm code will always remain the same - social is social. The algorithm will ALWAYS push out content and accounts that interact and garner engagement.

Not sure how to do that? I got you, boo.

1. Stay on top of trends: Instagram will always prioritize posts that take advantage of their latest features. (cough cough) Reels is one of their latest and greatest. So, take advantage of it while they're pushing it out to the masses. You may reach a broader audience than you ever imagined.

Need some ideas? I have 15 reels ideas just for you.

Another cool new feature you could take advantage of right now: the auto-caption sticker on stories. 🙌🏻

2. Engage before you post: The 15-30 minutes before you post is prime time baby. Make sure you're on (whether you scheduled your content in advance or not) to engage. That's right: start commenting on other people's posts and stories. This will send them a notification. So, if they weren't on before - your comment may trigger them to pop on and what will they see? Why your post of course!

3. Engage after you post: The 30 minutes after your post is major. So, don't forget to engage with any comments that appear (and I'm not talking replying with an emoji - actually engage). Remember, IG determines within those first 30 minutes if your post if it's worth pushing out to others.

4. Quality > Quantity: I cannot stress this enough. In 2020, digital marketers saw a major influx in content - most didn't provide value. Take the time to create quality content. You don't have to post 7 days a week, 2-3 will serve you just as well as long as you are consistent in how you show up.

5. Schedule for YOUR audience: You want to post when YOUR audience is most active. These times and days can vary from week to week depending on your IG growth and often vary for each account. If you have a business, creator, or professional account you can easily find this FREE intel within your insights.

Don't know how to figure it out? DM me and I'll send you a quick how-to video.

Now go slay that algorithm, sis!