4 proven email marketing hacks

There's a science behind it all. 

We recently took a poll within our Facebook Group on what you'd most like to learn in one of our upcoming mini-courses. A resounding number of you picked email marketing. We hear you loud and clear, my friends. 

Consider these four hacks an amuse-bouche of what's to come. 

1. Keep it short. Your emails don't need to be a "no words left behind" situation. People's attention spans are short enough as is. Give them concise, relevant content. Make them excited to click "open" when they see your name.

2. White space is your friend. Add spacers between your content to give it a light and airy feel. No need overwhelm your audience. There is literally scientific proof that white space can increase comprehension up to 20%. Crazy, right?

3. Optimize your CTA. Have clear, concise calls to action (CTAs). Keep it simple. "Buy now" or "Click Here" outperform and convert far better than "Click here to buy it now." 

4. Send yourself a test. I have real-life horror stories about the consequences of not sending yourself a test. Remind me to give you the scoop on all the details. Do yourself the favor: send yourself a test, proofread, and test allll the links. 

Happy emailing!