4 of my go-to Instagram apps

Ever wonder what I personally use to map out my Instagram content? ⁣

Here are my top 4 apps: ⁣

📱 Planoly: I generally use this app to schedule my posts in advance; but I mostly use it to have a full view of what my Instagram grid will look like overall. Remember, your profile is your 7 second chance to visually set people's expectations so they click “follow” with confidence.⁣

📱 Flocked: What I use to type out beautifully formatted captions in seconds. No more dashes, periods, or special characters to break lines.⁣

📱Lightroom: I have my own presets saved to add that extra pop of color to my photos. (Coming soon to the shop!)⁣

📱StoriesEdit: A total godsend for creating cohesive and professional stories that are on-brand.⁣

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