4 Instagram post ideas for the holiday season

Mentally tapped out by the end of the year? I am with you, sis!

But, this is not the time to falter.

'Tis the season for massive sales. In fact, 20-40% of yearly sales for small businesses occur the last two months of the year. Wild, right?

Below are four Instagram growth hacks for the holiday shopping season: 

Seasonal Time-Based Content: Get jolly with your content. Have a fabulous product or products you'd like to promote. Do it with a Christmas/Holiday Season twist by changing up the background, integrating seasonal items within the photo. Get in the spirit and make it feel "Christmasy."

Here's a great example from @shoplrk:


 Seasonal Products: Consumers LOVE new products, especially if they match a current trend. Think Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice or their holiday cups. Their seasonal products/change in packaging is gives their customers something to look forward to. This type of transition helps encourage customers to visit your store/cafe/restaurant. 


Holiday Giveaway/Contest: The holiday season is the perfect time to treat your followers. So, grab your followers attention, all while boosting engagement with a holiday giveaway or contest. It's only human nature to love free stuff. Ammright?

Corpus Christi local business @golddustcosmeticcollective has already jumped on that train!


Funny and Inspirational Posts: Show some personality. You aren't a robot! ... (or are you???) People love positivity, humor and quotes they can relate to. Give the people what they want! Not only will it create a variety in your content, but it will help boost your brand awareness and engagement. Win-Win. 

Here's a great example from one of my faves, @letterfolk


Bonus perks you can add this season:

  • Provide free shipping
  • Offer free gift wrapping
  • Send small gifts (90% of consumers agree small gifts increase brand loyalty)
  • Offer holiday discounts/couples (Black Friday, Cyber Monday)