4 holiday marketing ideas to sleigh online sales

With everyone staying at home this year, online sales are projected to grow by up to 35% this holiday season. ⁣

What does that mean to you? Opportunity. An opportunity to maximize that potential for your brand. ⁣

Move over Amazon. Here comes {insert YOUR amazing company name}. 😉⁣

Here's how can you can harness that power this season: ⁣

🛍 Reward loyalty: Offer your top fans early access deals. Everyone wants to feel special. ⁣

🛍 Holiday bundles: Bundle together some of your best sellers or similar products and promote the heck out of them on social. Stocking stuffers, anyone? ⁣

🛍 Post-Holiday fun: Run extended deals for all my procrastination pals out there or people who were too busy to take advantage of what Black Friday had to offer. ⁣

🛍 Upsell power: Treat your customers with a free gift or free shipping if they upgrade their purchase (Buy $___ and get ____) or couple their upgrade with a discount. ⁣

Happy selling! ⁣