3 ways to refresh your Instagram profile for the new year

It's a new year! We're feeling fresh. We're ready for a new start - so let's start with that IG profile. ⁣

Your profile is your 7 second chance to set people's expectations so they tap "follow" with confidence. Make it count. ⁣

Potential new followers should know, straightaway, who you are, what value you have to offer, and what they can expect to see from you in the future. ⁣

Here are 3 easy-peasy ways to give it a refresh & a bonus for a good measure: ⁣

☑︎ Update your photo and bio. ⁣

☑︎ Refresh your highlight covers and content. ⁣

☑︎ Unfollow inactive or spam accounts. ⁣

☑︎ Bonus: Make sure your contact information, business hours (if you list them in your bio) and website are up to date. ⁣

Ahhh now doesn't that feel better? Your profile should feel fresh and so clean clean.