3 types of bingeworthy instagram content sure to go viral

Long gone are the days when viral posts were only a dream to us small business owners. 

While it's still difficult to achieve, there's now a science behind what components boost your chances. 

It is no longer a far-fetched dream, my friends. 

There are three different characteristics of viral content: 

Keep that in mind as we go through what types of content go viral.

Type 1: Carousel Posts
If you've ever done a social media audit or one-on-one consult with me, you have heard me talk about the secret sauce known as carousel posts. Carousels force your audience to spend more time on your content, telling the algorithm your content is of value, and are the best way to share any type of educational content because their 10 images/video capacity give you far more real estate to get your point across. 

How to use: Share step-by-steps, how-tos, best sellers, gift guides, or break up a collection

Type 2: Micro-videos
Think GIFs, Animated Posts or Reels. We've talked about this on our Social Strategy Squad FB group before. Micro-videos have taken over Instagram because they're quick, relatable, and sometimes even funny. I've even seen static micro-videos as posts do well. 

How to use: Share industry antidotes, references, or quick tips in 30 seconds or less. 

Type 3: Quote Graphics
Quote graphics are wonderfully easy shareable content that effectively connects  with your audience. The goal is to make them branded so when they're shared by others, they can be traced back to you. You want to establish brand association. While you can easily create these branded quote graphics on Canva, I've opted to commission Grace & Company to develop mine to give them a more custom feel. 

Finding an emotional connection with your audience will inspire them to share. 

How to use: Share industry statistics, motivational quotes, obscure facts, or affirmations

Ultimately, when you're creating content with vitality in mind, always remember to keep it catchy, valuable, or entertaining.