3 tips to help you get over your live video fears

I've heard every excuse in the book when it comes to why business owners are uncomfortable when it comes to broadcasting from their social LIVE. 

As an introvert myself, I get it y'all. It can be scary. 

Excuses I've heard range from: it seems too complicated to I have no clue what to talk about. And for me? I personally hate being in front of the camera. 

BUT... video, as you can tell, has become a priority across all platforms at this point. 

So, let's put away the excuses and do it because you want to: 

  • connect with your audience eon a deeper level
  • deliver a message that lands and makes a bigger impact than a regular post or story

Here's how to make it easier to change your mindset from a hard pass to a hell yeah when it comes to LIVEs: 

1. Create an easy set-up. Pick a place at your house or office that will be your set place for video. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a place that is comfortable for you and has good lighting (either a ring light or good natural light will do). Designating a spot for yourself will help you feel more comfortable about going LIVE. 

2. Do it consistently. Nothing helps get the jitters out more than being consistent. I'm not saying you should go live every day; but come up with a cadence that works with your schedule and stick with it. If you're consistent, video will inherently become just another way you do business - nothing special or nerve wrecking. 

3. Identify what types of LIVEs you want to do and create a routine for each. You could do how-tos, Q&As, live courses, collab videos with other creators. Pick a type or types that work for your business then map them out. 

If you want to start doing Q&As, maybe your routine could look like this: 

  1. Start gathering questions via social 1-2 weeks in advance and promote you're going LIVE on a certain date and time. 
  2. Collect all questions and who's asked them on something you can easily access on your iPad or print off. (i.e. Google table or docs) to reference during your LIVE. 
  3. Write down any announcements you'd like to cover at the top of your Q&A.
  4. Review your documents 10-15 minute prior to your live.
  5. Jam out to your favorite music 5 minutes before (This is ALWAYS a part of my routine to pump myself up.)
  6. Hop on LIVE - start with announcements, move into answering Q&As, and make sure you're LIVE for at least 15-20 minutes - 30 is a great as well. 

Get into a rhythm and it will become second hat for you. Having a plan and being consistent are the easiest ways to get over your fears. 

And that's the goal: to make it easier, make it a part of your normal business practice and find a way to enjoy it! If you can do that, the overwhelm will never be an excuse.