3 Pinterest strategies proven to work

Pinterest continues to bring in revenue for makers, creators, and entrepreneurs. But how do you get noticed on a platform of millions of pins vying for your tribe's attention? 

There's a strategy for that. 

First let's talk visual. Your pin should include: 

1. An eye-catching image: choose an image that would resonate with your target audience

2. Descriptive text: like you'd use in a blog post "How to add additional income streams to your business"

3. Branding: your logo/website URL

Now let's talk content strategy.

1. Pin 15-25 pins per day. 98% should be your own, fresh pins vs. re-pins. You can use a platform like Tailwind to automate the scheduling of your pins. 

2. Join and actively participate in relevant group boards. You can join groups on Pinterest and through Tailwind Communities. This is the fastest way to expand your reach on the platform. 

3. Ensure all of your pins have a compelling title and description that uses relevant industry keywords. Your title should be no more than 100 characters, description should be no more than 500 words. The first 5-60 characters are what show up in pinners feed so start with your call to action.

If Pinterest is going to be your #1 social media platform, a simple, consistent strategy can go a long way when it comes to your workflow. 

Happy Pinning!