3 new Instagram features you'll be excited to know about

Instagram has been making a few changes on their platform...

And I have a feeling these three are going to tickle you pink! 

👋 IGTV is disappearing. Your IGTV videos will now be combined with your normal videos,  in a new 'video' tab. Sweet consolidation! Why? Because, quite frankly, only 1% of Instagram users actually tapped on the IGTV logo. 
⏰ Schedule a time for your next Live video. Not only that, but now you can also post about it on your feed! Your post re: your future livestream will have a calendar icon on the top right so users can set a notification reminder when your LIVE goes...live. Why is this so fab? Because it helps set you up for success when it comes to livestream attendance. 
How you add an IG LIVE reminder post to your feed
  1. Go to Stories
  2. Tap on 'LIVE'
  3. Tap the 'Calendar' icon
  4. Add a title for your LIVE so your tribe knows what you'll be discussing.
  5. Add a 'Start Time'
  6. Now share that little honey to your feed!
Note: you can share as a post as many times as you see fit. All you have to do is go back to your stories, tap on 'LIVE' then tap the three dots next to the title of your upcoming livestream and tap 'Share as Post.' Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 
✅ Check your Account Status. See if you have violated any Instagram Rules, check the daily Instagram limits, or -- if you're deemed a "violator" -- use this tool to contact Instagram to appeal their decision.
Yes, they do have daily limits. Instagram puts a limit on your number of actions taken within an hour and day. Limits include actions like...likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and direct messages. 
Your limits are:
  • Likes: 120/hour or 500/day
  • Comments: 200/day
  • Follows: 60/hour or 150/day
  • Unfollows: 60/hour or 150/day
  • Direct Messages: Up to 10/hour or 50/day
  • Combined Actions: 500/day

How to check your account status: 

  • Tap the hamburger icon at the top right of your profile (the three stacked lines)
  • Tap 'Settings'
  • Tap 'Account'
  • Tap 'Status'

And viola! You'll finally know where you stand with Instagram.

If you feel like you're in IG jail for no good reason, I hear you. There's a way to appeal their disastrous mistake. Just tap on 'Request a Review.'

🎁 As an added bonus (for those of y'all who like to gram from your desktop like I do): Instagram has added the ability to share posts from the desktop version of their app! Huzzah!

Happy Gramming!