24 call-to-actions that *actually* work

Just as important as it is to hook your audience from the start, is the ability to get them to take action at the end. 

This is where call-to-actions come in play.

A call-to-action is is a prompt to get your followers to do something specific like engage with your content, subscribe to your list, take action on your website. 

They're essential to gain traction on social. Why you ask? When it comes to social, the name of the game is engagement and these little CTAs are game-changers. 

I've demonstrated this time and time again at my speaking engagements. When I ask the audience to repeat after me, clap, raise their hands, they do...because I simply asked. 

Asking is the first step to action.

The more actions on your posts and pages = more exposure to a broader audience and more sales. 

Now, let's get to the good part.

Here's a solid list of social media call-to-actions that *actually* work: 

1. Ask a question

  • What do you think about _______?
  • What's your favorite _______?
  • What woul you do if _______?
  • Can anyone else relate? / Can you relate?

2. Encourage comments

  • Drop a ___ in the comments/below if _____.
  • Let me know your plans for ______.
  • Comment with your favorite ______. 
  • Tell me about your ____.
  • Tell me how you ______.

3. Ask them to tag someone

  • Tag a _____ who needs to see this. 
  • Tag a ______ that inspires you.
  • Tag someone who would look amazing in ________.
  • Tag the bestie you'd want to bring with you to _______.
  • Tag a friend who would relate.

4. Ask for a recommendation

  • Which ______ would you recommend?
  • Do you know of any good ______?
  • Help! I'm looking for a new __________. Any recommendations? 
  • I need your advice. Any suggestions?
  • What do you do when _______?

5. Ask them to directly take action

  • Save this post for later.
  • Interested? Send us a DM to find out more!
  • Watch our stories to find out more!
  • Double tap if you love _____. 
  • Grab your freebie. Link in bio/DM me/Comment below.