2 ways to make Instagram's newest keyword feature your hype man

Hashtags and usernames aren't the only searchable items on Instagram anymore. They're taking SEO to the next level with their newest feature: keywords.

Much like Pinterest, keywords will have a profoundly positive impact on reaching your target audience. Ultimately that's what every small business wants: to reach your tribe. 

But what are keywords? Keywords are the words your ideal customer is typing into the search bar to find what they need/want. In other words, if your niche is social media marketing on Instagram, you might use keywords like "instagram tips for small businesses" because that is what your audience wants to learn. 

Make sense?

There are 2 major ways you can make keywords your hype man: 

1. Capitalizing on your caption: This is prime real estate to slide your conversationally slide in your keywords. Maybe you're featuring a solution your product provides or an educational aspect to your industry. No matter what it is, adding in words that you know your tribe would be interested in seeking out will help boost your post organically - especially since it's the newest feature on IG.

2. Becoming BFFs with alt text: So many people overlook alt text. Alt text is that handy section where you can add in a description of the photo or video you're posting. Why is this important? It gives the algorithm more context as to what your post is about and can help push your content out to people that it thinks would find this information or post of value. This is probably the most underrated feature; but can be a real game changer if you take the time. 

To find alt text: Tap on advance settings while you're in the middle of creating your post. That is where this little honey lives. No more neglecting your newest BFF.

Bonus tip: For an added boost: make sure you're using some of these keywords within your hashtags as well. (i.e. #igtipsandtricks) We can't forget: hashtags are still powerhouses within themselves.