2 FREE apps to help you recycle TikTok content for Reels

Have you noticed a decrease on views when you repost your TikTok content to Instagram Reels? That is because Instagram wants you to use original content in lieu of recycling with TikTok's branding. 

Here are two FREE apps that will help you avoid being dinged by the algorithm all while not having reinvent the wheel on content. 


How to remove TikTok watermarks from your videos: 
  1. Go to https://snaptik.app on your mobile or desktop browser.
  2. Copy and paste the URL for your TikTok in SnapTik's search bar and click the green download button.
  3. Click the blue "Download Server 01" button to download and save your video.
Voila! No more watermark!


How to download audio from your favorite TikTok's to use on IG Reels: 
  1. Find a TikTok video with audio you'd like to download.
  2. Go to ttdown.org. It's a free website dedicated to downloading TikTok videos and audio.
  3. Copy the link from your preferred TikTok video. Make sure it's the full URL, not the shortened one you get when you click copy link. To do this, copy and paste the shortened URL in your browser to get the full version.
  4. Paste your link onto ttdown.org and tap "Go."
  5. Navigate to the mp3 file.
After you download it, you can use apps like InShot to edit your video + add your new audio before uploading to IG Reels.