10 ways to increase your IG story engagement

IG story is one of the most POWERFUL tools you can use to build trust with your audience.

Below are 10 ways you can increase your engagement, so you can connect and convert them into hot leads for your products and services:

  1. Want a second opinion on something? Use the poll sticker to let your audience vote on their favorite options.
  2. Test your audience's knowledge about a specific subject with quiz stickers.
  3. Is there a work tool that people are always asking you about? Talk about the ways you use it, and let people know you're open to questions in the DMs!
  4. Always in your office space? Give your audience a behind-the-scenes tour of where you work.
  5. Start a weekly Q&A series where you can answer questions face-to-camera or typed out.
  6. Use the link sticker to send traffic back to your website.
  7. Show your beautiful self! People are more likely to connect with you when they can see your face.
  8. Save your most valuable stories to IG highlights, so you can refer back to them when people ask.
  9. Add the slider sticker with an encouraging quote, tip, or fact.
  10. Tag other businesses when you visit them to create trust and build your online community!