Hashtag Hustle: Strategies You Need to Succeed on IG

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Instagram hashtags are without a doubt the best way to engage with new audiences and grow your account. Did you know that a post with just one hashtag gets 12.6 percent more engagement than posts without any? And that engagement can translate into new followers — and new customers — for your business!

Despite this, there are still many people who struggle to use hashtags effectively. Each post offers you 30 opportunities to connect with a different audience (and each story gives you 10!) but for a lot of small business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs it can be overwhelming to come up with more than a few for each post — and depending on their size and relevance, they might not be that effective anyway.

Eliza McElhaney, ESV Creative Founder & CEO, and Megan Hanson, a full-time social media freelancer and part-time influencer, discuss the ins and outs of hashtag strategy and how to create a set of hashtags that will not only help your posts reach new audiences, but help you succeed on social with new followers, more engagement, and increased sales!

During this mini-course you will learn:

  • Hashtag basics and best practices
  • What kind of hashtags you should be using
  • Where to find them and tips for how to rank on them
  • How to develop your own hashtag strategy for content and engagement

Let’s do the Hashtag Hustle!